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Could percocet affect getting pregnant

Which Medicines Could Affect Your Chances.
From the Message Boards. Trying to Conceive Older Members. CD1. Sigh. I started spotting today, which means AF will be here right on schedule tomorrow.
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    pregnant/percocet/oxycodone - Addiction:.

    Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs can affect your chances of conceiving. Don’t overlook these fertility-robbers that may be sitting in your bathroom
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    I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am taking percocet 3-4 times a day for a severe back injury.I take them because i need them and never to get high..My ob said not
    I am 30 wks preg. and was originally prescribed about 20 percocets (5/325) week for my migraines. I have a history of addiction, and even mentioned it to the doctor.

    percocet in pregnancy Problems in.

    Get Pregnant Faster - WebMD: Does.

    percocet and pregnancy - Addiction:.
    Hi, I am five months pregnant and up until two weeks everything was fine. That is when the pain in my lower back started. At first I thought that I could handle it
    Percocet (acetaminophen and oxycodone) is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Includes Percocet side effects, interactions and indications.

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    Could percocet affect getting pregnant


    Could percocet affect getting pregnant